Our classes are live streamed, in person and available on demanded in our virtual library. We provide five types of classes helping to build a strong balanced practice. All classes focus on breath and movement to increase oxygen uptake leaving your body energized and your mind at ease. Alignment and mindfulness is encouraged by our team of teachers as they support and guide you.


Yin yoga focuses on long holds in seated, prone and supine poses. The purpose is to release tension in ligaments, tendons and fascia increasing blood circulation to joints and improving flexibility. It is suitable for all levels of experience.


This class is designed for people new to yoga or limited by a physical issue.  Basic yoga poses (asanas) are introduced and variations are explored to establish a foundation of yoga study. Each class is slightly different to provide a wider variety of modifications and variations that can be used in your practice.

The Still class is a series of asanas (poses) that will help stabilize muscles from the ground up to develop balance and proper alignment promoting an understanding of each pose. It is the perfect class for the beginner and advanced yogi. This is a heated class.

All Levels

This class is a fusion of all classes on our schedule and for all levels of experience. Each class is different and allows you to explore variations to make postures attainable or to challenge yourself. Relaxation and meditation offered at the end of each class.

flow      The Flow class, also known as Vinyasa, integrates movement and breath as you transition from one pose to another.  This is for the advanced yogi but beginners are welcomed. This is a heated class.
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