Our studio doors open 20 minutes before each class. All are welcomed at the classes listed below:
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10:00 am 75 min Flow with Liz
9:30 am 60 min Still with Kathy
6:00 pm 60 min Flow with Liz
7:30 pm 60 min Still with Liz
6:00 am 60 min Still with Kathy
9:30 am 60 min Flow with Liz
6:00 pm 60 min Still with Kathy
7:30 pm 60 min Flow with Liz
10:00 am 75 min Gentle with Jean
6:00 pm 60 min Flow with Michelle
7:30 pm 60 min Still with Kathy
6:00 am 60 min Still with Liz
9:30 am 60 min Flow with Liz
6:00 pm 60 min Gentle with Jean
7:30 pm 60 min Flow with Dan
9:30 am 60min Still with Liz
4:30 pm 60 min Flow with Marilyn/Kathy
7:00 pm 90min Flow with Liz/Dan *biweekly
8:30 am 75min Flow with Liz
10:00 am 60min Still with Liz
Drop in class- $15
10 class card- $125
(6 month expiration date)
Monthly unlimited- $85
senior/student drop-in class- $12.50
senior/student  10 class card- $120
(Valid for 6 months)
 senior/student monthly unlimited- $80

Want to Reserve a Space in a class or workshop?

Biweekly 90 minute Friday Flow class – October 10th & 24th

Beginner Workshop TBA Cost $25.   This workshop is for people new to yoga or those whom may need a refresher. This workshop focuses on the basics of all classes offered on our weekly schedule. There will be time for questions and to learn modifications jump starting your yoga practice at Sojourn.  Wear comfortable clothes & bring a mat (only a few are available).

Yin yoga Sunday, TBA Regular class rates apply. Yin yoga is a practice consisting of poses held for a longer amount of time allowing your body to release tension in muscles, ligaments and fascia increasing circulation to joints and improving flexibility. Yoga props such as bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks are used in this practice. It is appropriate for all levels of experience.

Gentle/Restorative yoga with Jean. Tuesday, November 18th 4:30-5:45pm. Restorative poses are supported by bolsters, blankets, blocks, or straps and are held for a longer period of time.  Gentle poses involve movement on a mat and will be seated, supine, prone, or on hands and knees. Classes will begin and end in restorative poses.  Breathing will be emphasized and meditation will be encouraged in certain poses.  This class is designed to enhance relaxation and flexibility.  This is a non-heated class.

Movement Principles Workshop TBA  Cost $25. All levels are welcomed at this workshop! The focus will be on alignment and body awareness in the most basic poses and movements in your practice. This workshop will change the way you approach movement on your mat to challenge and awaken your body.
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